H11 vs 9005 vs 9006 bulbs: A Detailed Comparison

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When it comes to car headlights, choosing the right bulb is essential. The H11 vs 9005 vs 9006 bulbs are popular options. Each has unique features. You will learn more about these differences from this article. By the end, you’ll know which bulb suits your needs best.

H11 vs 9005 vs 9006

What Are H11, 9005, and 9006 Bulbs?


Before diving into comparisons, let’s understand what each bulb is.

1. H11 Bulb


The H11 is a single-beam bulb. It’s commonly used in low beams and fog lights. It provides a wide beam pattern, which is great for short-distance visibility. H11 bulbs are also energy efficient. They use less power compared to older bulbs.

2. 9005 Bulb


The 9005 bulb is a high-beam bulb. It’s designed to project light further down the road. This makes it ideal for high-speed driving at night. The 9005 bulb is brighter than the H11. It provides better long-distance visibility.

3. 9006 Bulb


The 9006 bulb is another single-beam bulb. It’s often used for low beams. Like the H11, it offers a wide beam pattern. However, it’s not as bright as the 9005. The 9006 bulb is known for its durability and reliability.

Key Differences Between H11 vs 9005 vs 9006 Bulbs


Now that we know what each bulb is, let’s compare them. We’ll look at brightness, power consumption, and usage.

1. Brightness


  • H11: Provides moderate brightness. Suitable for city driving and foggy conditions.
  • 9005: Offers the highest brightness among the three. Best for highway driving.
  • 9006: Falls between H11 and 9005 in terms of brightness. Good for suburban driving.

2. Power Consumption

  • H11: Consumes less power, typically around 55 watts.
  • 9005: Uses more power, around 65 watts.
  • 9006: Similar to H11, consuming about 55 watts.

3. Usage


  • H11: Used for low beams and fog lights.
  • 9005: Used for high beams.
  • 9006: Used for low beams.

H11 vs 9005 vs 9006

Pros and Cons of H11 vs 9005 vs 9006 Bulbs


Every bulb has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s break them down.

1. H11 Bulb



– Energy efficient
– Good for foggy conditions
– Wide beam pattern


– Not as bright as 9005
– Limited to low beams and fog lights

2. 9005 Bulb



– Extremely bright
– Ideal for highway driving


– Higher power consumption
– Not suitable for low beams

9006 Bulb



– Durable and reliable
– Suitable for suburban driving


– Not as bright as 9005
– Limited to low beams

Choosing the Right Bulb for Your Needs


Choosing between H11, 9005, and 9006 depends on your driving needs. Here are some scenarios to help you decide.

a). City Driving


If you mostly drive in the city, the H11 is a good choice. It provides enough light without blinding other drivers. Plus, it’s energy efficient.

b). Highway Driving


For highway driving, the 9005 is ideal. Its high brightness allows you to see further down the road. This improves safety at high speeds.

c). Suburban Driving


For suburban areas, the 9006 is a great option. It provides a harmony between light output and energy usage. It’s also reliable for daily use.

Installation and Compatibility


When choosing a bulb, consider installation and compatibility. Here’s what you need to know.

i). Installation


Installing these bulbs is straightforward. However, always refer to your car’s manual. It provides specific instructions for your vehicle. Generally, the steps are:

1. Shut down your car and lift the hood.
2. Locate the headlight assembly.
3. Turn the old lightbulb counterclockwise to remove it.
4. Insert the new bulb and twist it clockwise to secure.
5. Test the new bulb to ensure it works.

ii). Compatibility


Not all bulbs are compatible with every vehicle. Check your car’s manual for the correct bulb type. Using the wrong bulb can affect performance and safety.

 Cost and Lifespan


Cost and lifespan are important factors. Let’s compare these aspects for H11 vs 9005 vs 9006 bulbs.



  • H11: Generally affordable, ranging from $10 to $30.
  • 9005: Slightly more expensive, between $15 and $40.
  • 9006: Similar to H11, costing around $10 to $30.



  • H11: Lasts about 500 to 1,000 hours.
  • 9005: Slightly shorter lifespan, around 400 to 800 hours.
  • 9006: Comparable to H11, lasting 500 to 1,000 hours.

H11 vs 9005 vs 9006

LED and HID Alternatives


Halogen bulbs like H11, 9005, and 9006 are common. However, LED and HID bulbs are gaining popularity. Let’s see how they compare.

LED Bulbs



  • Very bright
  • Energy efficient
  •  Long lifespan


– More expensive
– May require additional equipment for installation

HID Bulbs



– Extremely bright
– extended life


– Expensive
– Complex installation

Are H11 and 9005 the Same and Interchangeable?

No, H11 vs 9005 bulbs are not the same and are not interchangeable. They have unique characteristics and fulfill various functions.

The H11 bulb is a single-beam bulb commonly used for low beams and fog lights. It provides a wide beam pattern that is great for short-distance visibility, making it suitable for city driving and foggy conditions.

On the other hand, the 9005 bulb is a high-beam bulb. It is designed to project light further down the road, which makes it ideal for high-speed driving on highways. The 9005 bulb is much brighter than the H11 and consumes more power.

Due to these differences, H11 and 9005 bulbs are not interchangeable. The connectors and fittings are different, meaning you cannot simply swap one for the other without modifications. Using the wrong bulb can affect the performance of your headlights and compromise safety.

Always check your vehicle’s manual to ensure you are using the correct bulb type. This guarantees top performance and road safety.



Choosing the right headlight bulb is crucial. The H11 vs 9005 vs 9006 bulbs each have unique features. The H11 is great for city driving and foggy conditions. The 9005 is ideal for highway driving. The 9006 offers a balance suitable for suburban areas. Consider your driving needs, compatibility, and budget when making a decision. And remember, installing the correct bulb enhances both safety and driving experience.

By understanding the differences between H11, 9005, and 9006 bulbs, you can make an informed choice. This will ensure better visibility and safety on the road.

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