Difference between h4 and hs1 bulb ( July 2024)

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Lighting is crucial for vehicles, both for visibility and safety. Two common types of headlight bulbs are H4 and HS1. While they might look similar, they have different specifications and uses. This article will explain the difference between h4 and hs1 bulb, their advantages, and which might be better for your needs.

difference between h4 and hs1 bulb

What is an H4 Bulb?

The H4 bulb is a dual-beam bulb. It means it has two filaments: one for low beam and one for high beam. This bulb is widely used in many vehicles, especially cars and motorcycles.

Specifications of H4 Bulbs:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: Typically 55W for low beam and 60W for high beam.
  • Base: P43t
  • Light Output: Around 1500 lumens

Advantages of H4 Bulbs:

1. Dual Beam Capability: Offers both high and low beam in one bulb.
2. High Brightness: Provides good visibility at night.
3. Wide Availability: Easily found in stores and online.

What is an HS1 Bulb?


The HS1 bulb is also a dual-beam bulb, primarily used in motorcycles and scooters. It is similar to the H4 but designed for different applications.

Specifications of HS1 Bulbs:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: Typically 35W for both low and high beam
  • Base: PX43t
  • Light Output: Around 900 lumens

Advantages of HS1 Bulbs:

1. Energy Efficient: Consumes less power than H4 bulbs.
2. Good for Smaller Vehicles: Suitable for motorcycles and scooters.
3. Adequate Brightness: Provides sufficient light for two-wheelers.

difference between h4 and hs1 bulb

Key Difference between h4 and hs1 bulb


1. Power Consumption:

a). H4 Bulb: Higher power consumption (55W/60W).
b). HS1 Bulb: Lower power consumption (35W).

2. Brightness:

a). H4 Bulb: Higher light output (around 1500 lumens).
b). HS1 Bulb: Lower light output (around 900 lumens).

3. Applications:

a). H4 Bulb: Commonly used in cars and larger motorcycles.
b). HS1 Bulb: Mainly used in smaller motorcycles and scooters.

4. Base Type:

a). H4 Bulb: P43t base.
b). HS1 Bulb: PX43t base.

5. Heat Generation:

i). H4 Bulb: Generates more heat due to higher power.
ii). HS1 Bulb: Generates less heat, suitable for smaller headlight housings.

Which Bulb Should You Choose?

For Cars and Larger Motorcycles:
i). H4 Bulb is the better choice. It provides more light and fits well in larger vehicles.

For Scooters and Smaller Motorcycles:
ii). HS1 Bulb is more suitable. It uses less power and fits perfectly in smaller headlight assemblies.

Installation and Compatibility

Before replacing your vehicle’s bulbs, check the owner’s manual for compatibility. Installing the wrong bulb can cause electrical issues or damage the headlight housing.

Steps for Installing H4/HS1 Bulbs:
1. Turn Off the Vehicle: Ensure the vehicle is off and the lights are cool.
2. Access the Headlight Assembly: Open the hood or remove the headlight cover.
3. Remove the Old Bulb: Disconnect the wiring and carefully remove the old bulb.
4. Install the New Bulb: Place the new bulb in the socket, ensuring it fits securely.
5. Reconnect the Wiring: Connect the wiring and test the lights.

Difference between h4 and hb4 bulbs

H4 and HB4 bulbs are different in several key ways. H4 bulbs have a dual filament. This means they can switch between high and low beams. They are versatile and used in many vehicles. HB4 bulbs, also known as 9006 bulbs, have a single filament. They are designed specifically for low beam use. This makes them great for providing a focused beam of light.

H4 bulbs are commonly found in cars, motorcycles, and trucks. In contrast, HB4 bulbs are often used in cars, SUVs, and trucks, especially for low beams or fog lights. When choosing between the two, consider your vehicle’s needs. Also, think about your driving conditions. Both types are easy to install but serve different purposes. Proper maintenance is key for both to ensure good performance. Regularly check your headlights and keep them clean. This will help maintain their brightness and effectiveness.


Understanding the differences between H4 and HS1 bulbs is crucial for choosing the right headlight for your vehicle. H4 bulbs are ideal for cars and larger motorcycles due to their higher brightness and dual-beam capability. On the other hand, HS1 bulbs are perfect for scooters and smaller motorcycles, offering adequate light with lower power consumption.

Always ensure to check compatibility with your vehicle before making a purchase. Proper installation and maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your bulbs, ensuring safe and efficient lighting on the road.

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Q: Can I use an H4 bulb in place of an HS1 bulb?

No, it’s not recommended. They have different power requirements and bases. Using the wrong bulb can damage the headlight system.

Q: Are H4 and HS1 bulbs interchangeable?

No, due to differences in power consumption, base type, and intended applications, they are not interchangeable

Q: How often should I replace my headlight bulbs?

It depends on usage, but typically every 1-2 years for optimal performance.

Q: Can I upgrade my motorcycle’s HS1 bulb to an H4 bulb for better brightness?

Upgrading is not recommended without proper modifications. H4 bulbs draw more power and can cause electrical issues in motorcycles designed for HS1 bulbs.

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